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How To Build Your Own Wine Cellar

Have you ever wondered how you could build a wine cellar in the basement?  And what if you don’t have a basement? What about insulation, lighting, humidity, and all of the other problems that a cellar brings?

I have mine in a spare room on the north side of my house. I maintain the temperature at 55 degrees all the time with the help of an air conditioner I have for the summer. It works out pretty well, considering it is sitting in my spare bedroom.

I just wish I had this book when I started to build my cellar. O.K. my cellar is not in the cellar, but you get the idea. This book will tell you where to build your cellar. This could be a insulated cupboard under the stairs, a spare closet, a temperature controlled wine cabinet or a fully constructed basement wine cellar. Find out what solution will work best for you.

My first wine cellar was in a crawl space. It was humid in the crawl space year round and it kept the corks from drying out and becoming brittle. The wine racks I bought were metal and held about 8 cases of wine per rack. I bought three racks, because they were cheaper if I bought three instead of one or two.

Check out this book to see if it will meet your wine cellar needs. You can either click the book above or you can Click Here! Your purchase is covered with a 60 day money back guarantee.  It would be worth giving it a try.

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Until next time, let me know what is on your mind, and how you are doing, O.K.? 

Jim Fortune, The Wine Sleuth

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